Caption Fun! March 2002 - Part 2 of 4...

And here it is... the 2nd March caption photo!

Think of a caption to suit the photo - all of them will be displayed on the site! Some of the best one will be used on up-coming wallpapers for the "Wallpaper Gallery"...

Send your best efforts (along with your name) to:

Some of the captions recieved so far:

"In the future we'll beat u in the Worhthington Cup"
- Matthew Bradley

"Ramone dont you ever clean your cheesy feet?"
- Frankie Greer

"Did you know a man's foot is the same size as his..."
- Lee Godley

"I don't mind the high tackle,but high tackle and smelly feet, they realy dont mix."
- kenn wolstenholme

''Damien Duff's rendition of Quasimodo was rudely interrupted by Ramone's rendition of Jackie Chan.''
- Bruce Jackson