Citeh About To Start Rubbing Their Hands Over Cruz

Last updated : 11 April 2011 By Andy

Fair enough, when Santa Cruz had his first spell at Ewood, he was pretty good but after ripping Manchester City off for him, he has gone downhill fast, when he isn’t injured that is.

Kean, in his panic to do something to please the crowd, was delighted to snap him back up in the New Year and he is pleased with his progress so far, despite him having forgotten where the net is.

But in his infinite wisdom, Kean insists the Paraguay international remains a class act and has confirmed that Rovers will be looking to do business with City over the summer.

"We would love to sign him," said the Rovers boss.

"We tried to fix a price with City in January when we signed him on loan and they wouldn't do it.

"We'll get to the end of the season and see where we can take it, but the good thing is he wants to stay. It's difficult to join in January, but the advantage for Roque is that there are still a lot of the players here from when he was with us before.

"He's looked quality every day in training and the only thing missing is having a full run without any niggling injuries so he can be totally focused about playing in the game, not protecting a little knock.

"He's a quality player, but he hasn't played a lot of football.

"He's taken a bit of time to get up to speed and he's picked up a couple of niggling injuries.

"But we are adamant that if we get him on the pitch, then he will contribute.

"He's been banging them in during training and he probably just needs one to bobble in off his shin and he'll be off and running."