Dann On Plum Injury

The 24 year old cost Rovers £7.7 million from Birmingham in August but after he recovered from a calf injury he needed rebuilding in the groin area after rupturing one of his plums.

He has been back in the team for the last four games, but many Rovers fans would say that he isn’t having too much effect, but the player insists that the best is to come.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph Dann said: "A few unfortunate injuries means it's taking me longer to get back up to my level.

"It was an important game against West Brom and I overstretched and clashed with the goalkeeper Ben Foster.

"I was in severe pain and couldn't run, but I was determined to carry on despite knowing that something was badly wrong. "Our physio, Dave Fevre, is very experienced and he's never seen an injury like it before.

"And it's even more painful than it sounds. It was not a pretty sight.

"The injury was frustrating as I wanted to be playing every week and helping keep the team up.

"We've been down at the bottom but we honestly think we have the players to stay up."