Holloway Has A Moan About Rovs Goals

Holloway was of the opinion that both Blackburn goals should not have been allowed.

The Tangerines manager told the BBC: "I thought the referee had a bit of a stinker. Was [our goal] a penalty? I don't think so.

"But it shouldn't be balanced out with more bad decisions at the end and it was, unfortunately."

He also disputed the award of a free-kick that led to Hoilett's 93rd-minute header, which keeps the Lancashire rivals locked together on 33 points each.

"Was that a free-kick on the halfway line that led to that huge boot into our box [from goalkeeper Paul Robinson]?" he added.

"My centre-half's fuming with [Webb] and my centre-forward's absolutely spitting feathers because he thought it was nothing like a free-kick."