Kean Holding Talks With Chris Samba

Kean will hold talks with the want a way defender today (Thursday) and he hopes he can talk persuade the player to buckle down and get some hard work put in on the field in a bid to keep Rovers from the drop.

Samba was missing again for the 2-0 home defeat to Newcastle United on Wednesday and it showed at the back that they were lacking.

But Kean, who turned down two bids from QPR for the big defender still believes that Samba is an important part of his playing unit, maybe if he can get him to give 100 per cent until the end of the season then let him have the option of going, who knows?

Kean said: "I didn't feel as though he was in the right frame of mind. He was fit and available but that was my decision. It wasn't that Chris refused or anything, far from it”.

He added:"I felt the defence against Everton and Fulham did well enough that I wouldn't have changed it anyway.

"Obviously Chris had handed in a transfer request, wanted to leave the club, that was refused. We didn't have any (more) bids, which was good really because we were only going to turn them down.

"I'll sit down with Chris and I'll say, 'Let's move on. You're at the club, let's get back to what normally happens when the window closes', where his performance level is very high and I don't foresee any other problems."