Rovers slapped with transfer embargo

Last updated : 15 December 2014 By BBC

Under existing rules, clubs are permitted to lose no more than £3m a season, with a maximum of £5m of shareholder investment.

The clubs will have the opportunity to have the embargoes lifted in June.

To do so they will need to prove they have stayed within an operating loss of no more than £3m, with a maximum of £3m of shareholder investment for the 2014-15 season.

The clubs will still be allowed to sign players in January if they have 24 or fewer players over the age of 21 who have made five starting appearances for the club.

Any of these signings must cost the club less than £600,000 a year.

Clubs with 24 or more players fitting the criteria will be allowed to trade players on a 'one out, one in' basis.