Shopping spree for Souness...

Last updated : 10 May 2002 By Matt

Hoping to strengthen the team, a priority will be working on midfield and attack. Another striker and someone to fill a central defender position will also be a priority...

Dwight Yorke may be set to solve the attacking position - unfortunately the current £5 million price ticket over his head courtesy of Manchester United could cause a problem for Souness. He is said to be "refusing to pay" such an amount of money for the 30-year-old who is currently unwanted at Old Trafford.

Inquiries over Coventry midfielder David Thompson have also been made yet the £4.5million asking price is again a little high.

He recently told a local newspaper: "Ideally I want to bring in four new players, but that depends entirely on how much money we have available.

"I want to bring in players who have proved they can play in the Premier League.

"I'm not against foreigners and if they are foreigners who have played in this league then great, but the last resort would be to bring in players from abroad with no experience of playing in this league.

"We have to be realistic and realise we are not an Arsenal or a Manchester United so I want to bring in people who are the correct players for this club.

"We're a team in Lancashire and we're not glamorous like a Chelsea or a Manchester United so we have to bring in people who we feel can work in this environment.

"I'm looking to strengthen on the right-hand side, I'm looking to strengthen up front and I'm looking to strengthen the centre of the defence," he continued...

"So ideally I want two midfield players, one striker and one defender."